Slant by Noah

Slant by Noah
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sinema Distorts the Truth — Or At Least the English Language

Arizona legislator Kyrsten Sinema, from Phoenix's 15th district, made an astonishing claim Thursday at a rally ostensibly promoting "health insurance reform."
"Now you all have seen what's been happening in the past couple weeks, right? Now I gotta tell you, a lot of that is overblown, this idea of people hootin' and hollerin' at these rallies and stuff. That, a lot of that is just made up.... Now I gotta tell ya, though, those folks are not everywhere. We've held seven town halls at the White House Health Reform Task Force here in Arizona, not a single disruption. So the fact is that most American's want health reform and they want it now.
"Let me tell you what I need from all of you. I need your voices. Because right now the folks who are getting their faces on TV and their names in the media are the few who are making up stories, distorting the truth, and trying to scare Americans away from what everybody wants, which is health reform."
Sinema's use of hyperbole is intended to serve two purposes. First, to reinforce her supporters' hopes that the unanimous cheers of support at the rally echo unanimous support for their cause from coast to coast and second, to marginalize any detractors, even though she believes them to be "just made up." She also seems to think that these made-up naysayers are trying to scare Americans.

"What is truly scary, what is truly risky, is to do nothing," That was President Obama earlier this month. How's that for the pots calling the kettle a fear monger?

Just a moment of critical thought will reveal that everybody wants "health reform" just as everybody wanted Obama for president. That is to say, not everybody does. Probably Sinema is using the condescending, liberal "everybody" that only includes people as enlightened as herself and not the people who disagree with her — those whom activist comedian and erstwhile radio personality Janeane Garofalo recently called functionally retarded.

Sinema's statement wasn't just an exaggeration, but the opposite of truth. But then, we can play that game, too. If it is false to say that everybody wants health reform, then, while not strictly true, it is more accurate to say that everybody doesn't.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The "Lion of the Senate", Edward Moore Kennedy last night was reunited with his brothers, Jack and Bobby. And for the first time in forty years, he will perhaps face Mary Jo Kopechne.